Coil Edge Cutting Scrap Metal

hr trimming side coil cutting scrap metal

What is Coil edge Cutting Scrap Metal?

When Hot rolled coils are slit, they produce a grade of scrap metal called coil edge cutting. This scrap metal is a thin strip of metal cutting from the side of the coil which is excess from the hot-rolled coil slitting process. If the thickness and width of the scrap metal is controlled, it can be re-used in the wire manufacturing industry.

Other names for Coil edge cutting scrap include:

  • Bobbin scrap
  • Side cutting scrap
  • Mandrel scrap
  • Trimming scrap
  • Slit coil scrap
  • Slitter scrap

As there is no internationally recognised grade or name for coil edge cutting scrap metal, such as an ISRI specification, a variety of names are used in different local markets, but they all mean the same thing.

While this scrap is know by many different names, the specification generally needs to be within the following ranges:

– Well rolled, not scattered/loose material
– Thickness 2-6mm
– Width 8-20mm
– Free of any coating

This is the ideal specification making the material re-useable and not a melting grade scrap metal, hot-rolled trimming scrap can give a competitive advantage to the importer when manufacturing their products.

If the specification of the trimming scrap falls outside these parameters it may still be useable, but if it is too thick, thin or wide it may not meet the requirement for re-use and have to be melted.

As industrial manufacturers become more specialised and find innovative ways to manufacture products, the role of scrap metal recycling changes. More adaptable machinery and processing techniques mean that the vital role of scrap metal will keep evolving and new specifications will always be created.

Coil edge cutting scrap metal is used in mainly Pakistan and India. These markets have a high local demand for new wire products which can be manufactured from the trimming scrap.

Tiger International Limited is a leading global trader and user of scrap metal from hot rolled trimming.

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