HR trimming scrap metal (hot rolled)

Hr trimming scrap metal

There are many different grades of scrap metal, all of which help steel mills and furnaces get quality raw materials they can use in their process to recycle and create new steel products. One of the grades that Tiger International ships, is called Hot rolled Trimmings, or HR Trimming for short.

It is also known as HR side cutting scrap, mandrel wound bundles, HR slitter scrap & bobbin bundles.

So what is Hr Trimming scrap? Lets review in more detail.

HR stands for hot rolled. The name says it all, it is basically steel which has been rolled at a very high temperature over 1,700˚F, making it easier to form and shape. We will look at hot rolled steels in detail in a separate blog post.

The particular type of scrap we are interested in is called HR Trimming. This is usually created from the cutting of hot rolled coils. So let’s look at what these are.

Starting a molten metal, (we hope made using steel scrap metal!) Large steel billets are then cast, and then heated to over 1,700f. At this very high temperate it is very easy to flatten these large billets via a rolling process into long sheets, which are then wound into coils. These finished coils are then used by various manufacturers around the world including automobile, pipes white goods, construction and fabrication.

All manufacturers have different specifications and sizes of hot rolled coils they need. Coils are cut to size using de-coiling and edge trimming centres, which then generate the scrap known as HR Trimming scrap. Generally, it stays circular in shape after it has been cut from the coil, as the coil hasn’t been modified since it was formed.

After the Hr trimming scrap has been collected, it is then loaded into 20ft ocean containers for shipping. Usually between 20-24mt per container is loaded and then the scrap is exported. It is then used by steel mills in Asia to manufacture new steel products.

If you are a producer or seller of Hr trimming scrap, get in touch with us as we are always looking for more stock to purchase!

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