HR Trimming scrap metal exporter

Hr trimming side edge scrap metal for export

Tiger International Limited is a global exporter of HR trimming scrap metal. The scrap is loaded into containers and exported for the use of wire manufacturing.

HR trimming loading for export

When HR trimming side cutting scrap is loaded, 20-foot ocean containers are used, and the trimming bundles are loaded by forklift or crane. Each bundle is usually wound tightly so it does not come loose during the sea journey port to port.

Different types of scrap have different loading methods. For example, heavy melting scrap is a mix of different scraps and is usually loaded vertically.  This loading method can cause damage to the container as protruding metal items are pushed in.

HR trimming bundles do not cause any damage to the container as each bundle is flexible and does not push against the shipping containers’ walls.

As the trimming scrap being exported is dense, between 22-25 metric tons per container can be loaded. This is important to reduce carbon emissions in logistics and being economical in terms of shipping costs. The loaded containers are then trucked or railed to the seaport to be loaded onto the vessel.

HR trimming export procedure

The vessel carrying the containers will then transport the HR trimming to the port of unloading (destination), where the cargo is unloaded, customs cleared and delivered to the wire mill.

Once unloaded the emptied container will be returned to the port where it will be used to export cargo from the unloading country. The cycle of international trade never ends!

Tiger International Ltd is a HR trimming exporter has years of experience in exporting HR Trimming scrap metal, handling logistics, documentation, bill of ladings and importation.

If you are a domestic producer of HR trimming or a scrap yard who has stock contact Tiger International Ltd about selling your side edge trimming scrap metal.

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