Side cutting trimming scrap metal

side cutting trimming scrap metal

Side cutting hot rolled trimming scrap.

To find the right specification of side cutting trimming scrap, its important to know what type of hot rolled slitting has taken place to produce the scrap. If the slitting is too thick then the side cutting trimming scrap will be out of specification.

Slitting is a set of knives which cut mother hot-rolled coils to a smaller size as required by the end-user. Hot-rolled coil slitting is done at a coil service centre which has all the machinery needed to process coils.

When this process is carried out it may produce an excess amount of slit metal which is not useable and sold as scrap. To minimise the waste during slitting, the scrap produced is a thin strip which winds back into its natural coil state. This is known as side cutting trimming scrap.

This scrap generally tends to be rust free unlike other types of scrap metal, as it is processed in a clean environment and indoors. The bundled scrap may be stored outdoors after slitting but in most likely will be sold for reuse in advance. Some coils are galvanised before slitting, meaning the trimming could be coated, however even then it still can be used but raw metal is preferred.

The right specification

Each individual coil of trimming scrap is the same length as the hot-rolled coil it was slit from. The length of the coil or bobbin is important, as if it is too short then the scrap cutting cannot be re-used.

Considering the length, diameter and thickness, the ideal specification of side cutting trimming scrap for re-use is as below:

– Well rolled, not scattered/loose material

– Thickness 2-6mm

– Width 8-20mm

– Ideally – Free of any coating

– Profile of the HR trimming should be flat, not oval

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