Trimming side edge hot-rolled (HR) scrap metal

trimming hr side cutting scrap metal

Why is hot rolled trimming scrap metal produced?

When hot rolled coils are put through various processes such as transporting, pickling and cold rolling, damage can be caused on the edge of the coil. These defect areas need removing which is done by trimming the hot-rolled coil. A slitter is used to cut the edge and then the scrap is wound on a scrap winder to create hr trimming scrap.

Why trim hot rolled coils?

The entire surface of the coil needs to be free of any defects for further manufacturing. Even a small defect on a coil can lead to problems in its intended production use. When it comes to the edge of the coil, trimming the side is an effective way of removing defects while keeping wastage of the coil to a minimum. The finished edge is smooth and free of defects, and the scrap trimming from the hot-rolled coil is extra revenue for the coil processor. 

Why is HR trimming scrap metal wound?

When the coil is slit, the side edge cutting scrap metal needs to be efficiently removed from the slitting line.  One way to do this is by using a scrap winder. This will wind the scrap metal while it is being cut under tension into a bobbin, mini coil of scrap which can then be removed. There are other options to handle side edge cutting, including chopping and balling, with each having its pros and cons such as considering the thickness of hot-rolled coil and space of the slitting line.

Why wind HR trimming side cutting scrap metal?

When the scrap is wound rather than chopped there is a big price difference between the scrap types. While chopped scrap is a good grade of scrap, it is still lower in value than wound HR trimming. The reason for this is that chopped scrap is still classed as a melting grade of scrap metal, while hr trimming scrap can be used in the industrial manufacture of wire, fasteners and other light production areas.

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