Bobbin scrap metal

Hr trimming scrap metal for export

What is Bobbin scrap metal?

Bobbin scrap metal is a wound coil of strip or wire metal in a cylindrical shape, which has been wound during its pre scrapping production process.

As metal is very rigid it allows the bobbin to be solid in shape, making it easier to handle and transport than loose scrap metal.

In the UK, bobbin scrap metal is classed as grade 4f, which is new production steel strip and/or wire bobbins. In works’ furnace sizes, including a proportion of coated material, but excluding tin-coated ferrous material and excluding copper washed wire other than by joint agreement. Must be securely fastened.

As bobbins are made from new production metal, the scrap is generally very clean and free from contamination such as foreign metals, plastics, rust, dirt etc. As with any type of ferrous scrap metal, if exposed to the elements too long then rusting will occur.

Bobbin scrap coils are very dense and heavy so loading them into an ocean container for transportation is efficient. During container loading they do not damage the container and also unload very easily. Depending on the thickness and width of the scrap metal, each bobbin can weigh approximately 1,600kgs. This would mean in a standard 20ft container approximately 15 bobbins would make the cargo weight of 24,000kgs.

Scrap metal users who are able to use this type of scrap find that the quality is better than other mixed scrap varieties as there are no impurities mixed in, such as plastic, wood, mud etc. Also the handling and storage is more efficient, making bobbins a top quality grade of scrap metal.

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