HR trimming sources

Hr trimming scrap metal

HR trimming scrap metal from coil slitting

Industries and manufacturers need different sizes of steel coils to produce their goods and products. HR Coils are manufactured by the steel mill to an international or local specification. This Hr coil will then need further processing to meet the different needs and sizes of the end-user.

Steel coils which need further processing are then transported to HR coil service centres. Depending on the requirement the complete coil will then be slit.  Slitting is a mechanical process which cuts the hot-rolled coil into smaller narrower coils by running the coil through a set of slitting knives.

When the coil has been slit to the customer’s requirement using tight tolerances to minimise scrap wastage, there may be still some offcuts.

This scrap is known as HRC slitting/ trimming/ side coil trimming/ bobbin scrap. Also, it comes from steel pipe cuttings, but mainly the best quality will come from HR coil slitting service centres.

Generally, HR trimming scrap will be thin in diameter due to accurate slitting to cut back on the wastage from the master coil. This width is very important in determining if the hot-rolled trimming scrap can be used again or classified as general melting ferrous scrap metal.

If it is too wide it cannot be re-processed and will be considered as melting scrap. If it is in the optimal range of 8-20mm width and 2-6mm in thickness, then it can be considered as good quality HR trimming scrap which can be re-used with minimal wastage.

When the coil is slit, the hot-rolled trimming scrap is transferred to an off cut or waste stillage where it will be accumulated. When the container is full it will be collected by the scrap metal dealer who has a contract with the HR coil service centre to collect the scrap metal.

The Hr trimming scrap is then transported to the scrapyard, where it is stored, loaded into 20ft ocean containers and exported by ocean vessel to buyers like Tiger International Limited.

The recycling of HR trimming is also an environmentally & carbon-friendly way to recycle scrap metal as it is not melted in how regular scrap metal is recycled but fed into rollers, heated and pulled to manufacture new wire products.

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