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Hs code for HR side edge trimming scrap metal

What is the HS code for HR side edge trimming scrap? The HS code 72044100 can be used to classify HR side edge trimming scrap metal. This gives a classification description of turnings, shavings, chips, milling waste, sawdust, fillings, trimmings, and stampings, whether or not in bundles. HR side edge trimming scrap metal is wound into in bundles, and as the HS code classification includes trimmings it can be a… Read More »Hs code for HR side edge trimming scrap metal

trimming hr side cutting scrap metal

Trimming side edge hot-rolled (HR) scrap metal

Why is hot rolled trimming scrap metal produced? When hot rolled coils are put through various processes such as transporting, pickling and cold rolling, damage can be caused on the edge of the coil. These defect areas need removing which is done by trimming the hot-rolled coil. A slitter is used to cut the edge and then the scrap is wound on a scrap winder to create hr trimming scrap.… Read More »Trimming side edge hot-rolled (HR) scrap metal

Hot rolled (HR) side edge scrap metal trimming handling

Hot rolled (HR) side edge scrap metal trimming handling

The slitting of hot rolled coils involves many processes line operators need to consider, one of which is how to handle the HR side edge scrap trimming. In efforts to minimise scrap to maximise yield, there are 3 main systems available to slitting lines to consider. Using the right one is important to prevent downtime by correctly handling the side edge scrap trimming and the efficiency of the scrapping system… Read More »Hot rolled (HR) side edge scrap metal trimming handling

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Edge trimming scrap metal

What is edge trimming scrap metal and how is it produced? Edge trimming scrap metal is the scrap recovered from hot rolled coil slitting. There are many different names for this type of scrap metal which has no clear classification with ISRI – the institute of scrap recycling industries. The nearest official classification for trimming bundles would be: “No. 1 bundles may include stanley balls or mandrel wound bundles or… Read More »Edge trimming scrap metal

side cutting trimming scrap metal

Side cutting trimming scrap metal

Side cutting hot rolled trimming scrap. To find the right specification of side cutting trimming scrap, its important to know what type of hot rolled slitting has taken place to produce the scrap. If the slitting is too thick then the side cutting trimming scrap will be out of specification. Slitting is a set of knives which cut mother hot-rolled coils to a smaller size as required by the end-user.… Read More »Side cutting trimming scrap metal

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Coil Edge Cutting Scrap Metal

What is Coil edge Cutting Scrap Metal? When Hot rolled coils are slit, they produce a grade of scrap metal called coil edge cutting. This scrap metal is a thin strip of metal cutting from the side of the coil which is excess from the hot-rolled coil slitting process. If the thickness and width of the scrap metal is controlled, it can be re-used in the wire manufacturing industry. Other… Read More »Coil Edge Cutting Scrap Metal

Hr trimming scrap metal

HR trimming sources

HR trimming scrap metal from coil slitting Industries and manufacturers need different sizes of steel coils to produce their goods and products. HR Coils are manufactured by the steel mill to an international or local specification. This Hr coil will then need further processing to meet the different needs and sizes of the end-user. Steel coils which need further processing are then transported to HR coil service centres. Depending on… Read More »HR trimming sources

Hr trimming

What is HR trimming scrap metal?

HR (hot rolled) trimming is the cut off from the slitting machines which process coils for industrial manufacturing use. When new HR coils are processed, they are cut to customer specifications and the off cut from the cutting die is know as HR trimming scrap. This type of scrap metal is classed as secondary material used by manufacturers mainly in Pakistan and India. HR trimming contains iron and has a… Read More »What is HR trimming scrap metal?